Working at Height Safety (WAHR)

Working at height is the biggest single cause of fatal and serious injuries in the construction industry, particularly on smaller projects. Over 60% of deaths during work at height involve falls from ladders, scaffolds, working platforms, roof edges and through fragile roofs or roof-lights. Each year around 50-60 fatalities and 4000 major injuries are caused by falls at work. Falls from vehicles are among the most common accidents involving workplace transport.

Reducing Risk with Huntley Plant and Access

Construction, roof work, agriculture, forestry, and general work place transport all have different objectives and requirements, however they have one commonality, the need for safe working at height and the equipment to do so.

Health and Safety and the promotion of the Working at Height Regulations (WAHR), 2005 is at the forefront of Huntley Plant and Access Hire’s culture. The regulations outline requirements for managing risk, which apply to all employees working at height. As the main contractor on any site, you bear the responsibility to ensure all personnel are provided with the necessary equipment and training for working at height practices.

IPAF and MEWP’s with Huntley Plant and Access Hire

Employee training has become an increasingly pivotal factor for the success of Huntley Plant and Access Hire. The Huntley business requires employees to be IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) certified. IPAF provides licenses as proof that the bearer has been trained to IPAF standards and on completion of the training courses candidates receives the PAL card (Powered Access License). At Huntley Plant our drivers and engineers are IPAF registered with loading/unloading and demonstrator cards to assist you to comply with current legislation and training.

MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) provide safe and quick access with a secure working platform; however, they can still topple if they are overloaded or poorly maintained. Here at Huntley Plant and Access Hire we ensure all our cherry pickers and scissor lifts are fitted with the correct measures from guardrails to toe boards in order to prevent failing at height.

Finding the Correct Machine

To help ensure MEWP safety, there is a 7 objective check list you must go through to accurately chose a machine for the designated task. Determine the working height which is the distance from the ground level to the top of the machine plus 2 meters (the height of a person). Measure the required outreach, which is the distance from the centre of the turret on a boom. Calculate the carrying weight which is the weight of the operator plus any tools and compare that weight to the machines lift capacity. Assess the ground conditions by contacting our Hire desk controllers if you are working on gradients or wet and rough terrains as this will affect your choice of machine. For example: for indoor use, use electric powered machines, measure all doors for access of machine and ensure internal charging facilities are available. Lastly, verifying that your operator has the relevant licensing.

Partnership – Huntley Plant and Access and the Access Link

Huntley Plant and Access Hire is a member of the Access Link which together provides National Coverage. The Access Link equipment varies in MEWP’s including booms and scissor lifts. Huntley takes pride in personal service that’s unmatched by national operators.

Cherry Pickers – Diesel Booms

The Diesel boom is ideal for outdoor construction and industrial applications with limited access. They provide continuous 360 degree lifting versatility with flexible up, out, and over positioning capabilities. The working heights extends up to 20 metres, the max outreach up to 12m, and weight capacity up to 350kg.

Cherry Pickers – Electric Boom

The Electric Boom offers quiet, emission-free operation providing up, out and over capabilities for those hard to reach jobs. Narrow aisle models drive through standard doorways and unique design features make them easy to maneuver in delicate working environments. The working heights extend to 16m, max outreach up to 7.65m weight capacity up to 230kg.

Scissor Lifts – Diesel Scissors

The Scissors lifts product line is differentiated by diesel and electric. The Diesel-powered scissors lifts are tough, four-wheel drive machines suitable for outdoor construction and perfect for increasing productivity. Some unique benefits include high lift speeds, the size of these platforms with a double deck extension on these machines allow you to access more areas more areas on the jobsite quickly and safely. The max working height extends to 17.2m with platform capacities up to 771kg.

Electric Scissors

The Electric Powered Scissors lifts are excellent for indoor and outdoor construction and ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces. Their electric driving system emits low noise levels which makes them perfect for indoors. There working height is from 5m to 12m and platform capacity to 450kg.